[CentOS] Installing QEMU without KVM

John Doe

jdmls at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 7 11:53:20 UTC 2012

From: Aft nix <aftnix at gmail.com>

> I'm developing some kernel module, so i need a stand alone qemu to
> test my kernel.
> Although i've seen a qemu in rpmforge, still yum install qemu does not work.

What do you mean by does not work?
Dependencies problems?

Dependencies Resolved

 Package         Arch      Version                     Repository          Size
 qemu            x86_64    2:0.15.0-1.el6.rfx          rpmforge-extras     25 M
Installing for dependencies:
 audiofile       x86_64    1:0.2.6-11.1.el6            base                95 k
 bluez-libs      x86_64    4.66-1.el6                  base                75 k
 celt051         x86_64               base                50 k
 esound-libs     x86_64    1:0.2.41-3.1.el6            base                74 k
 qemu-img        x86_64    2:    updates            338 k
 spice-server    x86_64    0.8.2-5.el6                 base               251 k

Transaction Summary
Install       7 Package(s)


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