[CentOS] Python version fights.

Gene Heskett

gheskett at wdtv.com
Mon Jun 25 00:48:42 UTC 2012

On Sunday 24 June 2012 20:43:15 Leonard den Ottolander did opine:

> Hello Gene,
> On Sun, 2012-06-24 at 17:21 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > These are the packages it is
> > showing me that I _could_ install, and nearly every blessed one of
> > them has a dependency on python-2.4.  Why yumex is even showing me el5
> > files is a puzzle I'm apparently not equipt to sort,
> I'm not familiar with yumex, just using plain yum and rpm. Perhaps using
> this non standard package manager is what is causing all your troubles.
> Could it be yumex uses hard coded (or configurable) paths and you
> installed a yumex for the wrong release? Where did you get that yumex
> from? And why not use plain yum? You are fitting all sorts of things
> onto a system that you are not familiar with, no wonder you meet a few
> bumps ;-) .
> > I see what someone meant when they said centos was a stripped mostly
> > server distro.
> It's a rebuild from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which is based on Fedora.
> Since it's an enterprise distro it provides a limited range of packages
> and they are rather dated to safeguard functional, ABI and API
> compatibility for a period of 5 years.
> You might want to give Fedora a try, it supports *way* more packages by
> default, but I have to warn you that it used to come with the warning
> that "it eats babies", in the sense that it's bleeding edge and might
> have some rough edges.

It also kills kittens.

> > Trying to nail kde and a working audio system to it reminds me of
> > trying to nail jelly to a tree, everything you try to install winds up
> > splattered on the floor.
> I suppose that's just fallout from the issue you are having, things like
> this should work out of the box assuming your hardware is not too exotic
> or too new. But you have to be careful about which 3rd party repos you
> enable, which is probably true for any distro that supports those.
> > With the
> > same config files installed here on centos6, nfs is dead, no hits, no
> > runs & no errors logged.
> CentOS/RHEL make you start services explicitly instead of enabling
> anything by default. Are both portmap and nfs running?

No clue at this time.  IMO the 64 bit scene is just as broken as it was 3 
years ago when I had a 64 bit version intended for AMD (Phenom quad core 
here) installed for about 2 hours.
> > Thanks for the reply Leonard, but I don't think centos and I will be
> > able to be friends when yum is so easily confused.
> yum != yumex . I'm quite sure one can screw up Ubuntu too, but if you're
> more comfortable with Ubuntu then by any means use it.
> >   With synaptic, I might give
> > it another week just in case I could sort this out.  Synaptic for
> > instance, when it encounters a dependency, looks it up and says 'you
> > need these packages to resolve dependencies', shows you a list and
> > asks if its ok to add them to the install list.
> If your repos are set up correctly yum should behave in a similar way.
> This is why yum was added on top of rpm. The reason yum bails out is
> because it cannot find those dependencies in any of the repos as they
> have incorrect versions. What is the cause of that is not clear to me
> but something is insisting on looking at el5 repos and it's definitely
> *not* any of the packages that come with CentOS 6 by default.
> If you are still interested in getting CentOS 6 running I suggest you do
> a clean install and only start adding 3rd party repos once you have the
> system up and running.

If I was to do a clean install, it would sure be 32 bit.  But I don't have 
32 bit media on site.  Does the 32 bit version have the opencascade kit?
> Cheers,
> Leonard.

Cheers Leonard, Gene
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