[CentOS] Universal server hardware platform - which to choose?

m.roth at 5-cent.us

m.roth at 5-cent.us
Tue Jun 26 14:38:28 UTC 2012

m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
> Hi, Rafal,
> Rafał Radecki wrote:
>> I am working for a hosting provider in Poland. We are currently
>> searching for an universal, extensible hardware platform which we
>> would like to use in our server infrastructure.
>> The platform should have:
>> - possibility to install up to 32GB of RAM and at least 4 slots for it;
>> - at least 6 SATA ports;
>> - the possibility to use SAS disks;
>> - at least one 1Gb/s network interface and the possibility to add
>> another
>> one;
>> - size of 2 or 3U;
>> - hot swap for disks.
>> We are looking for a solution in which we would be able to deploy a
>> basic server with for example 2 SATA disks, 8GB of RAM, 1 NIC, 4 cors
>> and to be able to use the same enclosure and motherboard and extend it
>> to deploy a more heavy-duty server with for example 6 SATA disks, 24GB
>> of RAM, 2 NICs, 8 cors.
>> Which manufacturer can you recommend and why? We are looking for
>> something rather not expensive but reliable which has a good support.
>> All servers will be based on CentOS5/6 :)
> Are you looking for full servers, or to build from parts? Someone just
> recommended Supermicro; I'm not a big fan of them just now - we have a
> good number of servers from Penguin Computing that use that, and the 64
> core systems seem to have a lot of problems. Their 48 core servers seem
> fine.
> Btw, all the above are 1U, have 3 hot swap bays, and are all SATA. Their
> support has been quite decent.
> More expensive, Dell. An R41x, R61x, or, for heavy duty work, an R81x, are
> really serious, the last two take eight, I think, SAS drives (the small
> ones - 2.5"?). Their service is outstanding.
> *All* of the above, both Dell and Penguin, have two NICs. All will take
> well beyond 64G of memory (we have a Penguin Altus 1804 and a Dell R815, I
> think it is, with (excuse me, my mind SEGVs every time I think of this)
> 250G of memory....
> Under no circumstances should you buy Sun/Oracle. Service... here in the
> Washington, DC area, about a year and a half ago, it took me a MONTH to
> get one server fixed w/ on-site support. They're there to make a profit -
> I mean, how do you *think* Larry Ellison pays for his fighter jet, yacht,
> and Hawaiian island? - *NOT* to sell you hardware and service that serves
> your purposes.

Sorry, need to follow myself up: *just* after I hit <send>, I forgot the
obvious disclaimer: I have no idea what any of these folks are allowed to
export to Poland.


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