[CentOS] How to handel smtp to public servers - done

Emmett Culley

emmett at webengineer.com
Thu Jun 28 14:08:27 UTC 2012

For the last five years I have been running a captive portal gateway I developed at a number of airports to manage free wireless.  There are more that 25K connection each day, and port 25 is blocked for every one of them.

Yes we get complaints, but not often, one every two or three months or so.

Before we blocked port 25 we had to go to spamhaus.org once a month, or so, to request removal of one of more of the gateway's IP addresses from their black lists.


On 06/27/2012 09:04 PM, Emmanuel Noobadmin wrote:
> On 6/27/12, Götz Reinicke <goetz.reinicke at filmakademie.de> wrote:
>> Long story short: I advised the use of port 587 two hours ago.
>> FYI since than I had 169 outgoing connections to port 20 and 1 to 587. :)
> Seriously, just force them. I got so tired of one particular app/mail
> server that keep getting blacklisted because of lazy client admin and
> users, I sent them a notice that for emergency security reasons,
> emails will only be accepted on port 587. Gave them one hour, then
> closed 25.
> Understandably people screamed for about another hour or so but all of
> them ended up on 587 by the end of the day ;)
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