[CentOS] Universal server hardware platform - which to choose?

John R Pierce

pierce at hogranch.com
Fri Jun 29 04:57:33 UTC 2012

On 06/28/12 8:56 PM, Luke S. Crawford wrote:
> The problem with supermicro is that the end user assembles them;
> If you use ESD protection, this is fine.   If you dont?  go buy a dell
> or something.

well, the SM kit I've bought was built and integrated by a major name 
systems integrator.   they were sold as complete solutions under this 
vendors' label, and supported by said vendor.

really, I'd say its all in the VAR and your service contract with them. 
very few VARs do the level of systems testing that HP or IBM or Dell or 
whatever do...      If you really really want to be your own systems 
integrator, then do extensive burnin on new systems, and stock spare parts.

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