[CentOS] custom kernel build

Tue Jun 5 14:42:17 UTC 2012
Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com>

Hi all,

I have donwloaded from kernel.org,
extracted the source, did make menuconfig to select/deselect items
then did make bzImage, make modules, make modules_install, make install
and rebooted. first message I got was that ext4 was not supported.

So I verified that ext4 was selected and it was. So I looked at the size 
of the
/boot/initramfs* items. My custom one is really small compared to the 
normal one.

My question is - what controls the items that get put in there (the 
initramfs stuff)
when you do a "make install" for a custom kernel?

Clearly it is not picking up the "normal" centos items that are in the 
other initramfs files.