[CentOS] Worrying after IPv6 day...

Thu Jun 7 15:36:38 UTC 2012
John Doe <jdmls at yahoo.com>


after IPv6 day, I was wondering if our server were really secure...
And, I know we should switch on IPv6 everywhere but... it will take some time.

Usually, we disable(d) IPv6; so we are not running ip6tables.
Can I start ip6tables in all cases (even if only IPv4) just to be on the safe side?

On CentOS 6 servers, I use the --noipv6 in the kickstart files and I removed NetworkManager; but ifconfig still shows IPv6 adresses.
And I wonder from where it gets them... based on the MAC?

I guess they are not routable, so I should not get any traffic... right?