[CentOS] Upgrade to 5.8 broke sshd on IPv4

Mike McCarthy sysop at w1nr.net
Tue Mar 13 11:44:27 EDT 2012

I have a virtual machine on linode.com that runs dual stack IPv4 and 
IPv6. On Sunday I upgraded to Centos 5.8 and now I cannot connect with 
ssh on IPv4. I get a 'connection refused' because there is no listener 
on the ssh port for IPv4.  It appears to work just fine for IPv6, but I 
cannot access remotely when I am on an IPv4 only network. It appears 
that only sshd is affected. All other services seem to work on both v4 
and v6.

I have it listening on a non-standard port other than 22. I am going to 
try and have it listen on the standard port to see if that works.

Anyone else seen this? Any recommendations on tracking this down?


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