[CentOS] LibreOffice rpm's vs Centos testing repo

Philippe Naudin philippe.naudin at supagro.inra.fr
Mon Mar 19 10:28:55 UTC 2012

Le lun. 19 mars 2012 09:50:21 CET, nux at li.nux.ro a écrit:
> ...
> I see this trend a lot, to make repos out of official rpms (at least 
> Ljubomir is also doing it). Maybe it's worth doing this on a bigger scale.
> Care to share what exactly you are doing? Are you using any "meta" packages?

One interest in using "official" RPMs, from OpenOffice or LibreOffice,
is their limited set of dependencies. They don't require gnome, and
this makes a big difference on headless, soundless machines.

I am also using a meta-package to ease installation of "official"
*Office. It is far from perfect, because it don't work if I just do 
yum update openoffice, I have to uninstall openoffice* ooobasis* and
then install again openoffice (or libreoffice now). 

So : me too ;) 
(I am interested to hear about a better way to install official

Philippe Naudin

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