[CentOS] MySQL query profiling

Andy Taylor andy at tayble.com
Thu Mar 22 16:18:04 UTC 2012


I recently upgraded to the latest MySQL 5.0.95 package as part of the 
CentOS 5.8 upgrade. I use MySQL query profiling on a regular basis for 
performance testing. However, if I try to use any of the profiling 
functionality I get this error:

ERROR 1289 (HY000): The 'SHOW PROFILE' feature is disabled; you need 
MySQL built with 'enable-profiling' to have it working

Oddly enough, profiling is enabled in the MySQL package bundled with 
CentOS 6.2, and was enabled in the package before on CentOS 5 (5.0.77 I 

I'm assuming this is probably an upstream decision, but does anyone 
know of any way around this other than compiling my own RPM/using a 
different RPM from another repository? Query profiling is essential 
functionality in my opinion, so I'm surprised it hasn't been enabled in 
the package.



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