[CentOS] A problem with power outages

Timothy Murphy gayleard at alice.it
Sat Mar 24 18:05:20 UTC 2012

Ryan Wagoner wrote:

> The solution here is to purchase a UPS. I prefer APC, but there are other
> brands that work great.
> Additionally if your computer BIOS supports configuring the AC recovery
> power mode to always on, the computer will start back up. Most default to
> last state, which doesn't work as well since shutting down will power off
> the computer, which means that last state is off. There are some
> workarounds to change the shutdown sequence to just halt and not power
> off.

Thanks for your very helpful reply.
I will get a UPS, as you suggest, and if I can locate an APC I'll get that.

I hadn't really thought about the last part;
but of course it is not normally sufficient just to switch the current on,
I have to press the button on the computer as well.
The computer in question is an HP MicroServer;
I will see if it is possible to send it into halt mode.

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