[CentOS] getting yum-cron to send a mail

Sun Mar 4 02:22:20 UTC 2012
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

On my old centos 5 system I get updates from yum automatically, it sends 
a mail to root.

on my new centos 6 things have changed and it has a thing called 'yum-cron'

I have it on and it is working....except I can find no particular file 
where mailto might be added.
The crontab is going to root, but yum-cron has nothing as far as a 
variable for this.

yum-cron has no man page, no documents...not sure what to do on this one.
Thinking about just adding 'mailto=root' in the daily and weekly cron 
job yum-cron has set.

Again, it is definitely updating the server (did so this morning, added 
stuff to the yum log) but no mails.