[CentOS] hfs with extended attribute support

Wed Mar 7 18:17:15 UTC 2012
Wessel van der Aart <wessel at postoffice.nl>

Hi all,

I´ve got a HFS+(not journaled) volume connected to my centos6.2 test 
server, i installed the kmod-hfs(plus) packages and read/write works all 
but since i´m going to use this for serving mac home folders via 
netatalk i would like to mount it with support for Extended Attributes 
and acl´s.
so i add user_xattr and acl to my fstab options but then it fails to mount.
checking the error in dmesg just gives me ¨hfs: unable to parse mount 
does anyone know what´s going on and what i should do to make this work?