[CentOS] testing a udp socket with netcat

Wed Mar 14 13:25:19 UTC 2012
Arif Hossain <freefall1986 at gmail.com>

i've this udp daemon which is waiting for an incoming udp datagram. now
i want test this daemon for random garbage to test how it behaves. My
udp daemon is running because its shows on netstat. problem is if i
issue following command for putting udp datagram :
$nc -uvvz <host> <port>

it does not output any thing. i have straced the udp daemon. which does
not returns from recv() call. 

my goal is to put arbitrary data on the udp socket by netcat. i do not
have any experience regarding netcat so i'm asking if anyone can help me
out with this.

thanks in advance.

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