[CentOS] postfix spam question for the gurus

Wed Mar 14 23:56:34 UTC 2012
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

I have a question about postfix.
I have a few webservers, each with their own mailing system. Obviously 
manually adding
items can be quite tedious going from one to another to another.

I am in the process of making a list of domains (commercial spammers) 
that bother me. My idea is to use the access file to reject them.

My question is this...

Can I make a text page on one of my html servers that lists all these 
bums and reference
that file in the postfix smtpd restrictions (probably as regex or prce 
instead of hash)?

This way I only have to make one big page of them. And I can add a 'you 
be blocked m.f. because
of spamming me on the page so they can learn how to get unlisted.

can this be done or do I need to make my own rbl list (obvously limited 
to just my sites).?
I would think I could just reference a remote file as easily as a local