[CentOS] Odd thing with Realtek Ethernet card

Fri Mar 16 19:41:18 UTC 2012
Ken Smith <kens at kensnet.org>

Hi all, I swapped a Realtek 8139 100M Net Card for a Realtek 8169 Gig 
Net card in a Centos 5.6 system.

After reconfiguring the network settings I find that on boot up the 8169 
interface does not start. The startup script says something like "The 
8169 is not available..."

ifconfig -a shows a device with the right mac address called 

I can get it going if I remod the r8169 driver and load it again. Then 
ifup eth1 works.

There's also a Marvell 88E8056 on the motherboard. /var/log/messages 
shows the 8169 as eth0 and the Marvell as eth1 but when the network is 
finally up they are the other way round. ifcfg-eth0 has the mac address 
of the Marvell in it and ifcfg-eth1 doesn't have a mac address in it.

Should I wipe those scripts and start again?

I've put a nasty bodge in rc.local for the moment to make the startup work.



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