[CentOS] VSftp, ssl/tls, slight issue with directory listings: SOLVED

Fri Mar 2 08:14:33 UTC 2012
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

John R. Pierce wrote
/Fri Mar 2 03:01:21 EST 2012/

On 03/01/12 11:49 PM, Bob Hoffman wrote:
>>/  so there you have it, ssl over ftp with centos 6.
>good luck if the end user at the other end is behind a NAT of any sort
>(soho router, etc).

>btw, active/port vs PASV is at the choice of the CLIENT, not the
>server.  really makes a mess of this stuff, hence my statement that
>ftp-over-ssl was an abomination.

True that. I agree. I would rather ssh and I do.
However many people want or need ssh and want it encrypted.
They are just gonna have to do their own thing and figure it out on 
their end.
This is all I am gonna do to work on it. It works.

I have no idea why ftp makes it like that. That whole range of ips it needs.
Without adding those ips the ssl connection will die and get lost.

I agree it is a mess. And 5 hours later I am not gonna go any further.
If they are behind something, they better learn about scp or putty... :)