[CentOS] VSftp, ssl/tls, slight issue with directory listings: SOLVED

Fri Mar 2 18:59:48 UTC 2012
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

john R Pierce wrote
/Fri Mar 2 13:01:14 EST 2012/

>>On 03/02/12 12:14 AM, Bob Hoffman wrote:
>>/  I agree it is a mess. And 5 hours later I am not gonna go any further.
/>>/  If they are behind something, they better learn about scp or putty... :)
>for the windows clients, `winscp` is quite handy.  or filezilla, either
>are freeware GUI clients for scp/sftp.

True and that is what I use. but this is in regards to people who are doing websites.
They usually use a site builder like dreamweaver and the like.
Using ssh with dreamweaver includes trying to tunnel through ssh which a basic user would be lost
trying to do.
Other free and paid ones have issues or cannot ssh at all. Thus, the need, as a webserver, to
allow this if needed (ftp..and more securely ftp over ssl).

If they get in a situation where they cannot ftp then they will need to do ssh.

The site builders do automatic update/upload of files changed on the local disk to the remote
web folder, thus programs like winscp and stuff are not useful to them.

AS an option, ssl over ftp is better than naught since they are going to be using it anyway.
However, as you mentioned, there are situations where it will fail because of the ssl.

For a webserver there is little choice but to add ftp unless the user is very proficient
at setting up ssh tunneling or other ssh options with a site builder program.

heck, I am just proud I was able to make the dang thing work.
Hopefully soon ftp will die out and ssh only will be the way.