[CentOS] Dovecot GUI

Mon Mar 5 16:43:03 UTC 2012
Nataraj <incoming-centos at rjl.com>

> That doesn't work for me.
> In my case the parent of Inbox is "grover",
> the name of the dovecot server (running CentOS-6.2).
> If I right-click on grover,
> I am offered a menu of options, but these do not include "New subfolder"
> (even greyed out).
> The ones that are not greyed out are:
>   Update folder and its subfolders [I tried that]
>   Find Messages
>   Copy Folder to
>   Archive Folder
>   Assign Shortcut
>   Folder Properties
>   Manage Local Subscriptions
> If instead I left-click on File in the top bar (while highlighting "grover") 
>   Add Folder is greyed out.  
> If I hightlight Inbox, for example,
>   File=>Add Folder is not greyed out,
> but if I add a folder here it is a sub-folder of Inbox.
>> Fedora 6 is kind of old, but IIRC this also worked on KDE 3.
> Sorry, that was a typo for Fedora-16.
> ------------------------
> [tim at blanche ~]$ kmail --version
> Qt: 4.8.0
> KDE Development Platform: 4.8.00 (4.8.0
> KMail: 4.8.0
> ------------------------

I would check the ownership and permissions of the mail directories and
files.  You might also try a different mail client.   Next I would go
through your config file and using the documentation try to understand
what the various configuration options mean.  I have a very simple
config file which does not define the namespace parameters and I am able
to create top level subfolders using thunderbird (this is under CentOS
5).  If your config file is not too large, simply posting it might be
helpful, but as some have pointed out, you might do better to do this on
the dovecot mailing list.

If you own the mail server, you could always go to the top level folder
for your username and "mkdir .foldername" and then use chown,chmod to
setup the permissions correctly and see if you can subscribe to that folder.

>From the description of your problem, we have no way of knowing if there
is a problem with dovecot or with your mail client.

There are also a handful of packages out there that you could install on
a fresh CentOS system that will give you a complete running mailsystem
with virtual domains, a pop/imap server and a management GUI.  One that
I happen to like is http://vpostmaster.com/
<http://www.tummy.com/Products/vpostmaster/> , but don't install it on a
system with an already installed half working mail system.  If you can
do a fresh install of CentOS in a virtual machine, vpostmaster should
come right up, simply by installing the package and it will have a
working dovecot/postfix config.  You will have to go into the GUI and
setup your mail domain.  Vpostmaster is supposed to work under CentOS 6.