[CentOS] Dovecot GUI

Tue Mar 6 16:41:54 UTC 2012
Nataraj <incoming-centos at rjl.com>

On 03/06/2012 04:09 AM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Nataraj wrote:
>>>> I would check the ownership and permissions of the mail directories and
>>>> files.  You might also try a different mail client.
>>> All the dovecot mail directories and files are in ~/Maildir ,
>>> and are owned by me, with all directories having 700 permission,
>>> and all files having 664 permssion.
>> Well that could be your problem.
> Thanks again for responding.
> But the permissions in lower folders, where I can create sub-folders,
> are exactly the same as the permissions in the top folders, where I cannot.
>> And yes I have created new folders with mkdir.
> Are you using maildir format?
> If so, do you also create cur, new and tmp sub-directories?

Yes I use maildir format.  All I did was 'mkdir'  a folder called
'.test' in the top level of my mail directory and set the ownership and
group access so that my dovecot daemon can access it.  I then went to my
mail client (thunderbird) and copied a message from another folder into
.test and it created all of the cur new and tmp directories along with
index files.  It's no big deal.  In my experience dovecot is very
forgiving.  I've had messed up index files and deleted them and then it
recreates them.