[CentOS] Difference between 'cr' and ' fasttrack'

Thu Mar 8 21:18:08 UTC 2012
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 03/08/2012 11:56 AM, Ross Walker wrote:
> I see the two distribution points for each release, they seem very alike, what is the difference?
> -Ross

CR is something that the CentOS team will use IF we are having issues at
"point release" time getting some of the updates ready (like we had with
6.1 and 5.7).  We had a small number of packages and problems with the
ISO generation delay those releases by more than a month.  The CR gives
us a place to put packages, in a staged way, if that occurs.  You get
some (but not all) of the updates while we work out our last remaining

We can also use CR to specifically get some critical updates out if we
going to have a delay with the point release.

We have not used CR for 6.2 or 5.8 because we released both of those in
1-3 weeks after the upstream release.


Fasttrack on the other hand is our adaption of an upstream program
explained here:   http://www.redhat.com/rhn/rhndetails/fastrack/

So, we duplicate the package set that upstream puts in their FasTrack in
our fasttrack repository.

Hope that explains the differences.

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