[CentOS] CentOS Server Backup Options

Mon Mar 12 07:44:34 UTC 2012
Michael Schumacher <michael.schumacher at pamas.de>


On Monday, March 12, 2012 you wrote:

>> What do you guys recommend for backing up a small CentOS server in a
>> business environment.  It will have (3) 300gb drives in a raid 5 array but I
>> don't anticipate more than about 25gb of data that needs to be backed up
>> each night.

> I stumbled on http://storebackup.org/ the other day. It looks pretty good for
> disc-disc backup. 

I am using storeBackup for three years now and LOVE it. I am backing
up three servers to two independent backup servers and get a new
backup every four hours. storeBackup uses hard links on the target
disk, so you do not need much physical space on the backup servers. A
backup of a 250GB server takes less than 15 minutes.

This is certainly no solution if you need an insurance against
hardware failures, but it is a perfect backup to store densely older
versions of the server content.

Having the servers and the backup servers on RAID6 and having
storeBackup makes me sleep well.

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