[CentOS] CentOS Server Backup Options

Wed Mar 14 00:13:45 UTC 2012
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

here's my tentative plans for a d2d backup in my lab.

2 identical servers, each with lots of SATA bays.     each server 
configured with 2 raids, raid1 is this servers storage, and raid2 is a 
DRBD mirror of the other servers storage.

each server runs KVM and under KVM runs a CentOS virtual machine which 
runs BackupPC, that has half the backup jobs assigned to it.

if server2 fails, then server1 fires up the backup2 VM on its DRBD 
replica of server2's storage, and all continues as it was, with just 
less performance until the 2nd server can be restored, and the backup2 
volume replicated back to it so the backup2 VM can be stopped on server1 
and resumed on server2.

this doesn't address offsite archiving, and I haven't quite decided if 
I'm going to A) replicate the important backups to additional offsite 
storage, or B) periodically make archive backups onto a separate HD that 
is then dismounted and pulled and shipped to the data vault (the 
production IT at my site has weekly drops to a data security company, I 
could add a disk to their lockbox.   I may end up doing a combination of 
these things.

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