[CentOS] Intel igb driver question

Tue Mar 20 17:29:33 UTC 2012
Lisandro Grullon <lgrullon at CityTech.Cuny.Edu>

I am not sure, but I was having a lot of problems with the stock driver in 6.2...I updated to the latest 3.3.6 and it all seems normal now.

>>> <lhecking at users.sourceforge.net> 3/20/2012 12:38 PM >>>

Does anyone here know which CentOS release added support for 8086:1521,
some I350 class device? We cannot get it to work under 5.4/igb driver
version 1.3.16-k2. There must have been some major updates since,
5.8 driver is 3.0.6-k2-2 and current is 3.3.6.

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