[CentOS] e2fsck run under "read only mode"???

Thu Mar 22 15:36:29 UTC 2012
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

mcclnx mcc wrote:
> We have CENTOS 5.5 run on DELL server.   Due to power system crash, server
> been down and up.
> I would like use 'e2fsck" to check file systems.
> Does there has way to run "e2fsck" under following conditions:
> 1. file systems are all ext3
> 2. file systems must mount.
> 3. e2fsck only scan file system but NO modify
man fsck.ext3
 -n     Open the filesystem read-only, and assume an answer of  ‘no’ 
to            all  questions.   Allows  e2fsck  to  be used
              (Note: if the -c, -l, or -L options are specified in
addition to
              the -n option, then the filesystem will be opened
read-write, to
              permit the bad-blocks list to be  updated.   However,  no 
              changes will be made to the filesystem.)  This option may
not be
              specified at the same time as the -p or -y options.

man fsck
       -n     For some filesystem-specific checkers, the -n option will 
              the fs-specific fsck to avoid attempting to repair any
              but simply report such problems to stdout.  This is however 
              true  for  all  filesystem-specific  checkers.   In 
              fsck.reiserfs(8) will not report any corruption  if  given 
              option.  fsck.minix(8) does not support the -n option at all.