[CentOS] A problem with power outages

Mon Mar 26 09:40:43 UTC 2012
Fajar Priyanto <fajarpri at arinet.org>

On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 5:30 PM, Timothy Murphy <gayleard at alice.it> wrote:
> William Warren wrote:
>> in the apc software(or nut worst case) you'll be able to specify that
>> after x minutes it will shutdown.  Better to have a clean shutdown and
>> have to hit the power button than a dirty one and risk corrupting your
>> filesystem.
> Unfortunately I won't be there to "hit the power button".
> If I were there would be no need for UPS.

Another approach is to buy a remote power switch.
With it, basically you can remotely "power cycle" the server :)
It will solve any hang problem just as if you are there :)