[CentOS] command problem

Mon Mar 26 11:06:17 UTC 2012
Tom Grace <lists-in at deathbycomputers.co.uk>

On 26/03/12 12:02, Paolo De Michele wrote:
> I am having problems with commands via Terminal after the upgrade to
> centos to release 5.8
> How come I did not recognized the ifconfig, route?
It looks like /sbin and /usr/sbin aren't in your path any more. You
could try either running
export PATH="$PATH:/sbin/:/usr/sbin"
or, add the same line to your ~/.bashrc if you want it to stick.
> before the update I had the release 5.5 and I had no problem
> can someone help me?
I would guess that you have edited one of the system-wide environment
config files at some point in the past, and an RPM update has reverted
the change somehow.