[CentOS] A problem with power outages

Mon Mar 26 11:35:59 UTC 2012
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at alice.it>

Mihamina Rakotomandimby wrote:

> An advice among all others:
> - When the machine gets stable, disable FS checks (in fstab, I dont
> remember what field to set to 0)
> - Setup the filesystem not to ask for check every N mounts (tune2fs)

Thanks for your response.

Touch wood, I've found filesystem corruption seems to have become
a thing of the past.
I assume this is something to do with journaling.
My laptop (Fedora-16/KDE) freezes about once a week.
I'm not sure why, it doesn't seem to be associated with any application.
In any case, I have to stop the machine by pressing the power button.
When I re-boot there has not been any problem with the filesystem.
As I say, touch wood.

> - Have a "netboot" available when things get really bad, so that you can
> mount you usual "/" via the netbooted system

Thanks. I'll look into that.
Though I don't think that I have any choice except to hope the machine
reboots nicely when power returns, 
since I can't "see" it from a remote location until it has re-booted.

One possibility I've considered is to have a UPS stop the machine,
and then use Wake-on-LAN to start it again.
But to date I haven't been able to get Wake-on-LAN to work
on my HP PowerServer, though it is supposed to be an option.

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