[CentOS] nfslock

Tue Mar 27 09:33:01 UTC 2012
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 03/27/2012 04:22 AM, Lars Hecking wrote:
>> wireless sure needs it to work decently, without it, its a kludge of a 
>> kludge.
>  Sure, it's an excellent choice for mobile devices.
>  But making it the default on an *Enterprise* distribution makes little
>  sense.
>  (Just checking, this is still the CentOS mailing list, not Ubuntu?  Yes.)

Remember the they here is NOT CentOS ... if I had my choice then Network
Manager would not install by default on my server at all.

However, it is Wireless and not Mobile that really need Network Manager.

And there are MANY non-Mobile wireless devices now that are being
installed "in the Enterprise".  (Workstations, phone systems, building
security systems, PKI card readers for access, etc.).

So, really, it is mostly servers where you know you have a hard wired
connection now.

I don't think that Network Manager should be used outside of gnome (or
KDE) personally, but upstream makes those kind of decisions ... we just
clone the experience as closely as possible.

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