[CentOS] my spammer list

Fri Mar 30 11:48:32 UTC 2012
Markus Falb <markus.falb at fasel.at>

On 30.3.2012 05:26, Nataraj wrote:

> The way that I finally got rid of all the residual spam that makes it
> through greylisting, SPF, spamassassin, clamav is to handout unique mail
> addresses and use black/whitelists.  So for example if I assign an email
> address for incoming mail from a mailing list and then setup a whitelist
> entry that only allows that address to receive email from the
> mailservers that serve that mailing list and then blacklist all other
> incoming mail to that address it is very effective.

But how to tell which mailservers are "serving" that mailing list?
That's the thing SPF or similar is supposed to do, isn't it? Don't tell
me you are looking at the MX Records! Incoming and Outgoing Mailservers
are not the same necessarily.
Kind Regards, Markus Falb

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