[CentOS] DKIM Pass - Fail - Solved !!!

Thu May 3 16:09:52 UTC 2012
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

on 5/2/2012 9:36 AM Prabhpal S. Mavi spake the following:
>> ntpdate should be run just once and then just have ntpd on.. the nptdate
>> should bring the server to the proper time and cause dovecot to
>> fail..you should only need to run it once (assuming the server is left
>> on and not off for long periods).
>> I run ntpd as a daemon, but not ntpdate...
>> you do have to set up ntp as you have done to get in the pools, but
>> leaving ntp on as a daemon should not affect it...at least it does not
>> with mine.
> Dear BOB. H,
> Thanks for your response, you are right, it is "ntpdate" that create the
> problem after reboot not "ntpd". once the time is corrected by "ntpdate"
> after that no issues as long as server is up.
> there are other solution, who wish to run both daemons. bash script can
> monitor dovecot every 5min through cron. when dovecot will stop due to
> time shifted error after reboot, script will start it again. and would be
> fine as long as server does not reboot again.
> Thanks / Regards
> Prabh S. Mavi

NTPD will slowly and constantly keep your clock in sync... You do not need to 
run dtpdate constantly as it will force the large time jumps...