[CentOS] Reject Action For SPF

Thu May 3 17:16:00 UTC 2012
Prabhpal S. Mavi <prabhpal at digital-infotech.net>

> 1. SPF was not designed to be used this way. It is doubtful that anyone
> has written anything that even remotely considered this option in use.
> You will likely have to write it yourself.
> 2. SPF is still in RFC testing, so it is not yet a full internet
> standard. And once it is, the standard still does not condone using it
> the way you intend. IOW, there is nothing in the standard that states
> you must have a SPF record to be a legit email domain. Basically, you'll
> have a broken mailserver. We are actually stuck with having to take ours
> off for the moment as one 'service' we use demands sending email from
> their mailservers using our email address and they still have no SPF
> record.
> If you do this, most likely you will not get around 90% of the good
> email as SPF is not widely used as of yet. But I guess if you are only
> interested in receiving email from a few 'known' domains... it could
> work. Seems it would be easier to just blacklist all and whitelist the
> few? If it is just for internal... perhaps a webmail system with no
> outside email ability would be the way to go?

Dear Hilton. J

Thanks for your advice, i actually know this. what would you say about
those who put there efforts to implement SPF. why they do it?

Thanks / Regards
Prabh S. Mavi