[CentOS] 2 systems, can't connect to apache on one

Sat May 5 00:30:06 UTC 2012
Earl Ramirez <earlaramirez at gmail.com>

On 4 May 2012 20:25, Larry Martell <larry.martell at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have 2 systems, both with the same version of CentOS installed. Both
> have identical versions of apache running and identical httpd.conf
> files. From a third system, if I point my browser at system 1, I can
> connect to it with no problem. But if I point my browser at system 2,
> I cannot connect. There is nothing logged anywhere that I can find on
> system 2 - not in the apache error log or access log, or the audit
> log, or anywhere. I tried disabling selinux, but that did not help. I
> can ping and ssh into system 2, so I know I have a route to it. It's
> like the request never reaches the server.
> Anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this or what I could
> check to help me diagnose the problem?
> TIA!
> -larry
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Hi Larry,

If you use netstat can you see if the service is listening on port 80 or

Kind Regards
Earl Ramirez