[CentOS] Installation of CentOS 6 on KVM - Hangs

Sat May 19 02:06:04 UTC 2012
Tim Nelson <tnelson at rockbochs.com>

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> > I see a delay after all packages are installed as well sometimes
> > and I
> > think this has something to do with post-install jobs that have to
> > be done.
> > How big is your boot partition?
>  I see a huge delay as well, and I think it's unrelated to %post.
>  I've timed
>  my kickstart file %post section and it completes within seconds,
>  whereas
>  it takes a long time (5m? 10m?) before it even gets to %post.
>  That's on a real machine, not kvm, though.

I've seen (and am comfortable with) the normal delay after package installation. But, leaving the system sit overnight and it still now completing makes me think there is something else amiss. I've got a new install sitting at the same location, hoping maybe now until Monday morning is enough time to fix it. :)