[CentOS] SMB shares and LDAP

Tue May 22 03:25:53 UTC 2012
Gordon Messmer <yinyang at eburg.com>

On 05/21/2012 03:17 PM, aurfalien wrote:
> Is there some kind of passwd backend option in my smb.conf that allows it to query my OpenLDAP server?

Presumably, you're trying to avoid a proper setup:

If you already have LDAP authentication and NSS set up, and you don't 
want to add Samba related attributes to your directory, you'd need to 
disable "encrypt passwords" in smb.conf and modify the Windows registry 
so that it sends your passwords in plain text:

Needless to say, the security of this configuration is awful, but not 
worse than if you're using OpenLDAP without SSL.