[CentOS] oVirt on CentOS 6

Wed May 30 13:45:53 UTC 2012
Claudio Ceballos Paz <claudiocebpaz at gmail.com>

I 've experimentes a little with OVirt and CentOS. The dreyou packages
works very well. My problems were the others dependencies. In the CentOS
repos are older than OVirt requires. I needed to compile my own packages,
Such as hbsql.
I change to fedora 16 in production until CenOS repos are ready, and worked
well so far.

El viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012, John Blaut escribió:

> Hi
> Are there any future plans for CentOS to build and directly provide oVirt
> packages compatible with CentOS 6?
> If not, has anyone tried the packages available at
> http://www.dreyou.org/ovirt/ and would these be considered fit for a
> CentOS-based oVirt production setup?
> I've heard many great things about oVirt. However I would prefer to use a
> CentOS-based solution in a production environment rather than Fedora.
> Thanks in advance.
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