[CentOS] down to the nitty gritty, mysql replication

Wed May 2 20:40:57 UTC 2012
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

Almost done with my centos handbook project on my server.
Last two things are related, backups.
Looking for anyone who feels like chiming in on mysql backups...this is 
what I am thinking at this point.

Mysql backup system for all websites
Each website is on a separate server, each running mysql, no site is 
related to the others.
A server will be built (VM) that will host mysql.

I believe the way to do this is as follows...

1- make a separate instance of mysql on the backup server equal to the 
number of websites I am going to backup
2- set up each website's mysql to be a Master
3- set up each instance of mysql on the backup to be a slave to its 
website Master
4- run them all at the same time, replication from master to slave
5- on the backup / slave mysql instances run logs, back up by day, dump 

I believe, not sure, this will work. Not sure if a better way.
The replication allows for a full and almost up to the second copy 
should a corruption happen on the Master.
The daily log files and dumps on the backup server allow for rebuild due 
to hacker attack.
The backup server handling the dumps prevents any issue with the website 
mysql and the web application.

 From there, amanda will grab those backup log and dumps to add to each 
site's file backups.

And that is the logic of what I think I can do with this. Trying to back 
up multiple websites files, logs, and mysql.
Amanda will do all but the mysql.

sound right?

This is the last big step before I start writing the chapters out for 
the book. Hope to get it done within a month or two after the backup 
system is done.

any thoughts appreciated.