[CentOS] Installing CIFS on CentOS4

Fri May 25 01:16:13 UTC 2012
Jeff Sadino <jsadino.queens at gmail.com>


I have a CentOS4 install and I am trying to mount a Windows Server 2008
folder.  When I use this command:
mount -t cifs //\ Ops/ test, it only mounts the Org folder.
 When I try the same thing on a newer computer (Fedora 15), it mounts all
the way to MR Ops.  So I am pretty sure that my cifs file needs to be
updated, but I am having a really hard time doing this.  I updated to the
newest cif available for CentOS 4.9, but that still is not new enough.  Can
anyone tell me how to install the newer cifs on my CentOS 4?

Thank you,
Jeff Sadino