[CentOS] PCI/DSS compliance on CentOS

Fri May 25 17:22:13 UTC 2012
Arun Khan <knura9 at gmail.com>

I have a client project to implement PCI/DSS compliance.

The PCI/DSS auditor has stipulated that the web server, application
middleware (tomcat), the db server have to be on different systems.
In addition the auditor has also stipulated that there be a NTP
server, a "patch" server,

The Host OS on all of the above nodes will be CentOS 6.2.

Below is a list of things that would be necessary.

1. Digital Certificates for each host on the PCI/DSS segment
2. SELinux on each Linux host in the PCI/DSS network segment
3. Tripwire/AIDE on each Linux host in the PCI/DSS segment
4. OS hardening scripts (e.g. Bastille Linux)
5. Firewall
6. IDS (Snort)
6. Central “syslog” server

However, beyond this I would appreciate any comments/feedback /
suggestion if you or your organization has undergone a PCI/DSS audit
and what are the gotchas that you encountered, especially with respect
to CentOS/ open source stack.

I came across this which kind of brings out issues between the
implementer and the PCI/DSS auditor.

Thanks very much.

Arun Khan