[CentOS] Virtualization Options!

Thu Nov 1 12:42:58 UTC 2012
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 11/01/2012 06:53 AM, Antonio da Silva Martins Junior wrote:
> Hi folks,
>    Thanks for your advices, I'll take a look on all and post what I conclude on
> it. 
>    Maybe I'm not clear enought, I already had CentOS5.8 Xen on my Hosts, but I'm
> finding a solution more "enterprise". The HA/Load Balance solution we had are self
> made, it is much time consuming for our needs. We are searching for something more 
> easy (or self) administering software.
>    This is why we take a look on VMware, Citrix, etc...
>    We'll take a look on OpenStack, RHEV/RHEM, maybe Oracle VM...
>    Thanks,
>         Antonio.

If you are looking for Cloud stacks and not just Virtualization, then
take a good look at Eucalyptus:


Here is a "faststart" install video, which could not be easier to get
started with:


There are other cloud options on CentOS, though most are in the testing

If you want to test oVirt 3.1 you can look here:


We also have official Amazon Web Services images here:


The CentOS Project is also currently working on official Open Nebula
RPMS and images (not sure if Karanbir has released a test install of
those or not yet).   Karanbir .. if you do have the Open Nebula stuff
ready for testing, post a link.

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