[CentOS] Migrate to Linux Server

Sun Nov 4 17:30:26 UTC 2012
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <office at plnet.rs>

On 11/04/2012 06:23 PM, Ashkan Rahmani wrote:
> Hi,
> In our company we have a DL380 ( 16gb ram) server with Windows server 2003
> x86, this run only tomcat 6.
> We have 2 options: a) upgrade to windows 2008 x64 and b) migrate to Linux (
> I mean centos 6 x64).
> I want to make some benchmarks.
> Please help me to compare a and b.
> How I can make this benchmark?

1. Add another HDD(s) or use existing free space to Install CentOS.
2. Copy data from NTFS (you can use ntfs-3g package) to ext4/LVM 
partition on new HDD
3. Install tomcat on CentOS and configure it to match tomcat on Windows 
4. Run tests on one OS then reboot and run same tests on another. In 
this setup you can even run realtime tests on Linux in off-hours.


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