[CentOS] Migrate to Linux Server

Mon Nov 5 05:51:42 UTC 2012
Ashkan Rahmani <ashkan82r at gmail.com>

On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 9:05 AM, John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com> wrote:

> On 11/04/12 8:41 PM, Ashkan Rahmani wrote:
> > Server has a HSM (hardware security module), and there is a MSSQL on
> > another server. application has thousand hit per day.
> > HSM and MsSQL handled by application.
> does this HSM have linux support, and if so what specific kernels and
> distributions are supported?
Yes, it's totally supported. It has Linux software, distro independent.

> Interfacing to MS SQL server from non-Microsoft environments can be
> challenging, especially if active directory authentication is
> required....  I don't know the state of JDBC for MS SQL Server, if its
> self contained or requires external interface components (you did say
> Tomcat, so I assume this is a Java application?)
> sorry, I forgot, yes this is java, there is not any problem to interact
with windows env. .
No need to Active directory, It has own authentication methods, integrated
to HSM. application just need data base.
Application has some component, they are cross platform.
in fact we tested application in Centos 6 x64 + Tomcat 6, worked well. no
error, no dependency to windows.
what is important to me is, I don't know how to make some meaningful
comparison between windows and Linux server with same tomcat and ...
I need to make a document with charts and statistics. running both OS and
ask user what they think, can not answer my needs!

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