[CentOS] kvm to virtualbox

Thu Nov 8 21:41:36 UTC 2012
Nux! <nux at li.nux.ro>

On 08.11.2012 12:12, Jerry Geis wrote:
> I have a KVM (qemu-img raw) that I have attempted to convert to 
> VirtualBox.
> I did the convertfromraw to convert to vdi.
> I was hoping it would be that simple but, no.
> When I try to boot the image, it does not boot.
> Is there something "extra" I need to do - or something different?
> Thanks,
> Jerry

Yes, make sure your initrd knows about the new hardware (aka virtualbox 
emulated devices) and also that the kernel command line doesn't contain 
any /dev/vda (as you would probably have /dev/sda on vbox). Also check 
for the same in /etc/fstab.
Centos should use UUIDs in both cases, but still, you never know. Or 
does the convert utility also change the UUIDS?. Anyway, the most 
important bit is rebuilding the initrd imho.

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