[CentOS] LibreCAD FOSS

Sun Nov 11 16:51:36 UTC 2012
joel billy <jbilly2002 at gmail.com>

Yes, its possible, although i could be wrong below.

If i own a project, code written entirely by me and released it under
GPL or any other license, i'm still free to change the license to
proprietary/restricted etc. However there are a few things which would
have changed since the original relese

1. Any one holding the gpl'ed source code can still
use/distribute/modify it etc. So someone can come up with a fork and
continue with the project
2. I cannot take modifications submitted by other into my new closed
source project as others would have submitted them under GPL license,
unless i have the permission of the contributors. This includes
modification to any fork or contribution to the original source code
before the license change