[CentOS] How can I prevent apache from mounting all home directories?

Mon Nov 19 16:29:34 UTC 2012
Mike Burger <mburger at bubbanfriends.org>

> We use automounted user home directories on our CentOS 6.3 desktops, and
> on the desktops on which we start apache, I have noticed that all 900+
> home directories listed in NIS get (and stay!) mounted.  If I don't start
> apache, this doesn't happen.
> We don't need access to home directories from apache, so I would like to
> prevent apache from mounting these home directories, but I haven't been
> able to figure out how to do it.  We use the stock httpd.conf file, and I
> commented out the "LoadModule userdir_module" line to no avail.  Any other
> suggestions?
> Alfred

If I may...why are you running Apache on your desktops?
Mike Burger

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