[CentOS] Slow login to system without internet connection

Fri Nov 23 13:40:03 UTC 2012
Peter Eckel <lists at eckel-edv.de>

Hi Hakan, 

>  "UseDns no" doesn't  solve the problem because  GSS Api needs reverse 
> lookup.

good point. I disable the GSS API along with some other things in routine initial server hardening anyway so this did not occur to me. 

> If (do not need GSS Authentication) then
>   put "GSSAPIAuthentication no" in the host /etc/ssh/sshd_config
> else
>  put your server ip and server name in the client  /etc/hosts
>  "xxx.xxx.xxxx.xxx yourserver.name"
>  :)

I'd rather put the client IP address in the server's /etc/hosts ...

Best regards,