[CentOS] mysqldump file fails to load

Tue Nov 27 23:10:32 UTC 2012
Marko A. Jennings <markobiz at bluegargoyle.com>

On Tue, November 27, 2012 3:53 pm, Rob Kampen wrote:
> I have a newly developed app that has some 30+ tables, most with few
> records at this time. However, it does contain a streets table with some
> 43K records.
> I regularly dump the database using
>  >mysqldump -u rkampen -p databasename >databasenamedatetime.sql
> and load it onto other machines via
> mysql -u rkampen -p -D databasename <databasenamedatetime.sql
> Now I am needing to load this database file onto a debian host running
> Plesk 9.5.4 via their system admin and it is unreliable - after four
> attempts we have all except the streets table loaded - but this table
> will not load.


I have experienced a similar problem a few months back between two different versions of mySQL,
both running on CentOS 5.  The problem was caused by mysqldump writing a bad CREATE TABLE
statement into the dump file for one of the tables.  More specifically, one column had to small of
a size allocated to it (and definitely different than what was in the originating database) so the
import kept failing because UTF-8 characters could not fit into it.  Manually fixing the size in
the dump file took care of the problem.