[CentOS] mysqldump file fails to load

Wed Nov 28 10:07:08 UTC 2012
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 11/28/12 1:58 AM, Rob Kampen wrote:
> Certainly aware it is off topic, however this list has many 
> participants that have extensive experience in the area I'm inquiring 
> about. 

so?   shall we talk about cars?  I bet a bunch of us drive. how about 
food?  most everyone here eats!

I bet a rather large number of us have zero knowlege of your specific 
plesk-on-debian configuration.  plesk is not a centos component, and 
debian certainly isn't centos.   I'd suggest taking this up on a plesk 
or mysql list, or better yet, as previously suggested, with whomever is 
providing this plesk based hosting environment, as they are the only 
ones familiar with the actual configuration.

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