[CentOS] any reliable HTTPS/SFTP based FTP software on Linux?

Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at uni-x.org
Sat Nov 3 12:03:58 UTC 2012

Am 03.11.2012 10:24, schrieb Gelen James:
> I tried Serv-U, Axway SecureTransport and other several software on Linux , Neither one works as expected.
> Serv-U is very inexpensive and can create unlimited FTP accounts, but crashes pretty often with unknown reasons.
> Axway SecureTransport is a riduculously expensive: about $1K per FTP account! and each FTP account has 2 months cool-down period on between remove old accounts and adding new ones. It is just far too expensive and over kill for regular FTP uses.
> Any one has experiences with SFTP/HTTPS based file transfer solutions, open sources or commercial is fine, as long as it is not too expensive.
> Thanks.

None of the 2 protocols have to do with FTP. SFTP is served by OpenSSH
and HTTPS by default by Apache.

So what is you issue not using what CentOS provides?


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