[CentOS] Unable to lauch php-script to truncate database

Keith Roberts keith at karsites.net
Fri Nov 16 18:16:11 UTC 2012

On Tue, 13 Nov 2012, Johan Vermeulen wrote:


> Hello All, Hello Keith,
> thanks a million for the responses, I'm already happy to understand
> where the EM are coming from.
> The config.php are in each database;
> /[root at caw-server2 db]# ls
> reg_begeleidingsteam  reg_jww_archief   reg_personeel     reg_straathoekwerk
> reg_bib               reg_jww_dossiers  reg_resident      reg_vrijwilligers
> reg_drughulp          reg_jww_dvd       reg_signaleren
> reg_jac_activiteit    reg_onthaal       reg_sollicitatie/
> so for instance reg_bib ( witch has a library ) has config.php :
> /[root at caw-server2 reg_bib]# ls
> background_logo.jpg    config.php  database.php  index.php
> background_stripe.png  cron.php    favicon.ico/
> Following your advise, I changed the include enty to :
>  include "/var/www/html/nubuilder/db/reg_bib/config.php";
> this seems to work without EM, I'm now checking if this indeed truncated
> the files.

That's another way to do it - because that should overide 
the setting in the php.ini file.



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